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Published April 10 2012




Mobile App Measurement Alliance Debuts

In the US, app user analytics agency Kontagent is leading the launch of the 'Mobile Acquisition Transparency Alliance' (MATA); a new body which aims to create an industry-wide standard for mobile app data collection, processing and reporting.

Josh WilliamsThrough collaboration with a wide group of individuals and organizations - including developers, monetization platform PlayHaven, demand-side platform MdotM, direct deals marketplace provider Chartboost, and several ad networks - MATA will put in place a guideline for the measurement, collection and reporting of data gathered from mobile advertising.

In pursuit of this aim, MATA will design and implement a 'platform agnostic' industry-wide Open API standard for mobile app user acquisition metrics.

This will be publicly available to anyone, including mobile app marketers, developers and analytics companies.

Josh Williams (pictured), President and Chief Science Officer at Kontagent, explains: 'The industry has been clamoring for a solution like this for years, and we and MATA partners are now solving this growing problem before it gets worse. Analytics is what we do. We don't sell apps and we don't sell ads, so our motivation is purely to serve as a catalyst to help everyone in the industry eliminate headaches, stop wasting time and start growing business.'

Web site: www.openmata.org .


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