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Published May 29 2012




Partners Aim to Give Big Data High Impact

Big data analytics firm Kognitio has announced a partnership with data visualisation specialist Advanced Visual Systems, to open up advanced business intelligence, predictive analytics and next-generation decision support systems to corporate and OEM end-users.

The partners are targeting clients in advertising, consumer behavior and social media sectors by combining Kognitio's in-memory analytical platform with AVS' advanced data visualization API, claiming this will 'allow clients to exploit extremely complex data and visualize the results in ways that reveal previously undetectable patterns, trends and anomalies.'

Kognitio makes its ground-up, scalable Analytical Platform available via the cloud on a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) basis, for a monthly operational cost on a fixed term. Clients include research agencies and end users in a broad range of sectors including retail and FMCG, financial and media.

According to AVS CEO Steve Sukman, 'Large and complex data have become critical components of many analytic projects. Most data visualization tools, however, tend to over-aggregate data in order to present it.' Sukman says the new partnership 'opens up a world of new possibilities for our clients to capitalize on high impact data visualization.'

Michael Hiskey, Kognitio VP of Business Development and Marketing, comments: 'Increasingly powerful data analytics require similarly powerful tools to visualize the insights. Partnering with AVS helps us deliver a complete package, capable of producing results in less time and with deeper discovery capabilities than ever before.'

The firms are online at www.kognitio.com and www.avs.com .


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