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Published January 18 2013




IBM Rolls Out Customer Behavior Tool

IBM has developed a real-time marketing analytics tool, to provide marketers with a 'holistic view' of customer buying patterns and purchases over time - including what they viewed and purchased, and how much they spent across channels.

Craig HaymanThis addition to IBM's cross channel marketing and digital marketing optimization offerings combines historical data with real-time activity, in order to present product recommendations personalized to each customer's budget.

Through IBM's Digital Data Exchange, retailers can collect and share behavioral data with a network of third-party services, to create customer profiles which can be targeted with relevant offers.

Craig Hayman (pictured), IBM's General Manager, Industry Solutions, comments: The retail industry and consumer habits are changing faster than anyone could predict. The digital experience is influencing changes in the store and online and the winners are those that are making omni-channel retailing a reality today from pre-sale to post-sales service.'

Web site: www.ibm.com .


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