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Published June 7 2013




Firms Roll Out Combined Neuromarketing Platform

Facial expression analysis specialist Emotient and eye tracking software solutions firm iMotions have teamed up to create a platform that combines their key offerings, along with EEG and GSR technologies.

Ken Denman and Peter HartzbechThe new 'Attention Tool FACET Module' has been designed for usability research, market research, neurogaming and academic/scientific research. As part of the agreement, Emotient's emotion recognition solution will be fully integrated into iMotions' Attention Tool, an eye tracking and biosensor software platform for research and usability testing.

The resulting solution will be able to track and analyze the emotional responses of users in real-time, detecting eight facial expressions of primary emotion, positive and negative emotions, and blended composites of two or more emotions.

'The whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts with the integration of these technologies, and by combining four key sensors into a single platform, the depth of discovery will be infinitely greater,' says Emotient CEO Ken Denman.

Peter Hartzbech, founder & CEO of iMotions adds: 'We see a growing customer demand for an easy to use platform that enables multi bio sensor research. The Attention Tool platform already supports eye tracking, EEG and GSR and by adding facial expression analysis, researchers are given new opportunities to gain valuable insights.

Web sites: www.emotient.com and www.imotionsglobal.com .


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