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Published June 17 2013




Growing Kelton Celebrates 'Landmark Year'

US research provider Kelton has reported revenue up by 15% to more than $18million, and headcount up by a quarter. It has also announced a new office and a rebrand.

Growing Kelton Celebrates 'Landmark Year'The company, formed a decade ago this year, has celebrated the anniversary with the opening of a larger New York office in the heart of the Flatiron District, a partnership with London-based Purple Market Research in January, and now a new brand identity and new look web site, which it says 'echoes its passion for storytelling'.

Kelton has offices in Los Angeles, New York and London, and combines expertise in qual and quant research, design, strategy and communications - a unique combination according to co-founder and President Gareth Schweitzer, which makes its insights 'vastly more impactful' and its consulting 'entirely grounded in facts and data.' CEO and co-founder Tom Bernthal comments: 'We started and built Kelton the old fashioned way - through extraordinary people, great work, word-of-mouth marketing and organic growth. I couldn't be prouder that we have stayed truly committed to quality and still experienced explosive growth.'

Web site: www.keltonglobal.com .


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