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Published January 13 2015




FocusVision Buys MR Technology Firm Decipher

In the US, webcam-enabled focus group provider FocusVision has acquired quant MR tech firm Decipher, for an undisclosed sum.

Eric GrosgogeatDecipher co-founders Jamin Brazil and Jayme Plunkett will remain with the firm, but President Kristin Luck's next move is as yet unknown.

FocusVision clients will now have access to Decipher's survey and reporting software platform, which includes a suite of custom survey tools, along with proprietary technology offering digital fingerprinting, quality control review tools, e-mail campaign management, mobile field reporting, interactive reporting dashboards and more.

Eric Grosgogeat (pictured), FocusVision President and CEO, comments: 'Before making this acquisition, we evaluated many different quantitative research services and software providers and ultimately partnered with the Decipher team because of its widely respected technology platform. Going forward, the combined company will provide our global customers with the most comprehensive technology solutions to gain better insights in less time.'

As part of the deal, Brazil will remain as CEO of Decipher, while Plunkett will take the role of Chief Product Officer for the combined entity. Luck joined Decipher in 2007, when the company acquired MR software and tech firm Forefront Consulting, which she co-founded with Ji Yeong Kim in 2006. Before this, she helped set up OTX (Online Testing Exchange) with partner Shelley Zalis in 2000, and subsequently sold it to Ipsos in 2010, before suing the firm over money from the sale.

Web sites: www.focusvision.com and www.decipherinc.com .


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