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Published April 2 2015




Nielsen OCR Renamed 'Digital Ad Ratings'

Nielsen has changed the name of its digital measurement tool Online Campaign Ratings to 'Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings', which it says better describes its total digital view, inclusive of mobile. The tool's user interface has also been upgraded.

Megan ClarkenThe solution, which provides details of a campaign's full digital audience across computers, tablets, and smartphones, also gives users the options to view expanded demographics from Experian and Nielsen. These include estimated household income, race/ethnicity, family size, and education level, along with Nielsen segmentation models: PRIZM, P$YCLE and ConneXions.

In addition, the firm has made enhancements to the tool's user interface, including the addition of a dashboard displaying an overview of the client's set of campaigns, alerts and status, and dynamic exportable charts and graphs.

Megan Clarken (pictured), EVP, Global Product Leadership, says the enhancements are part of the firm's ongoing effort to measure 'total audience', adding: 'The enhancements we're making to Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings reflect our ability to grow and adapt our services to meet the needs of clients.'

Web site: www.nielsen.com .


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