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Published August 19 2015




Kantar and GeoPoll Roll Out African Audience Measure

Partners Kantar Media and mobile survey platform GeoPoll have announced the launch of a joint service bringing 'reliable, real-time audience measurement' to a swathe of African states. The service is currently available across Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Jennie Beck and James EberhardLaunched in 2013, GeoPoll gathers real-time data via mobile phones from a network of more than 200 million users in emerging markets, and its media measurement service provides overnight audience data for TV, radio and print in Africa. In addition, the firm has developed tools for media planning and post-campaign evaluation, allowing brands and agencies to assess the performance of their ads in almost real time.

The new service, Kantar GeoPoll Media Measurement (KGMM) combines this data collection and analysis infrastructure with Kantar Media's research expertise and technology tools, and is the first joint product launch since the announcement of a partnership between GeoPoll and WPP sister agencies TNS and Kantar Media a few months back.

James Eberhard, GeoPoll CEO, adds: 'Over the past year, clients have used GeoPoll's media data to view audience shifts in real-time, assess the performance of their advertisements, and monitor viewership of one-off events including the World Cup. KGMM will further disrupt the marketplace by bringing a reliable, real-time solution to audience measurement that has been vetted by researchers at both GeoPoll and Kantar Media'.

Jennie Beck, Global Director, Kantar Media, describes KGMM as a 'big step forward for audience research' in a diverse continent such as Africa.

Web sites: www.geopoll.com and www.kantarmedia.com .


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