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Published September 18 2015




MaritzCX Rolls Out Customer Experience Platform

MaritzCX has rolled out a big data software platform, to deliver insights for customer experience programs of all sizes.

Carine ClarkThe new firm was created last year following Maritz' acquisition of customer and employee feedback software provider Allegiance and its integration with Maritz Research. It now combines technology, data and research expertise to help organisations understand and respond to customer experiences in real-time.

The new SaaS-based platform has been developed to enable clients to increase customer retention, conversion and lifetime value by collecting omni-channel customer information, analyzing it in near real-time, converting it into a view of the customer experience, and making it available to everyone across the organization. According to CTO Jason Taylor, the platform can handle more than 42,000 transactions per second.

Company President and CEO Carine Clark (pictured) comments: 'We have taken full advantage of the software, development, and engineering that came from both Allegiance and Maritz Research. The resulting MaritzCX Platform is the most complete, flexible, and scalable solution available for holistic CX. Our technology focus has also accelerated all aspects of our business, including wider adoption, faster implementations, more efficient engagements, more integrated research, broader services, and our ability to deliver more immediate results'.

Web site: www.maritzcx.com .


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