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Published September 23 2015




Swrve Fires Up 'Integrated Personalization Engine'

San Francisco-based mobile segmentation and analytics specialist Swrve has introduced the 'Integrated Personalization Engine', a tool to deliver campaigns and content to consumers based on their unique behavior and attributes.

Christopher DeanSwrve offers a platform for modeling the consumer lifecycle, and says it processes six billion events across a billion devices every day to help users understand consumer interaction, and target audiences with relevant in-app campaigns. Its 'Conversations' in-app tool enables digital marketers to send videos, surveys and other messages to app users, in order to engage them in an 'almost conversation-like manner', with their responses triggering real-time messages.

The new 'Engine' allows marketers to customize contextual messages for individual users based on six custom fields including their personal information, past behavior, stage in the user lifecycle, past or present physical location, and language. Included in this functionality is the ability to A/B test messages for the best response rate, and refer to specific items that users have previously viewed or may be interested in.

CEO Christopher Dean (pictured) comments: 'When brands plan to build meaningful relationships with consumers, they need to be where consumers are, at the moment when they are engaged - which is in the mobile app. With Swrve's Integrated Personalization, marketers now have a powerful new way to engage individual mobile users with rich contextually relevant messages, quite possibly the most crucial and successful component for a brand's future in the mobile age'.

Web site: www.swrve.com .


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