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Published November 12 2015




BARB Tests Kantar and Nielsen Approaches for Dovetail

UK TV audience research body BARB has agreed 'fusion projects' with Kantar Media and Nielsen for its Project Dovetail initiative, which will combine panel data with census data for TV viewing through all computer devices.

Lynne RobinsonThe news coincides with the results of a customer consultation, designed to inform BARB's decisions about the tendering of contracts to deliver its services until the middle of the next decade. BARB says feedback confirmed that its objectives are 'in tune' with the industry's requirement for cross-platform measurement of TV viewing, which will be delivered through a hybrid measurement system of panel data and device-based data.

BARB says the contracts with Kantar and Nielsen will help it determine which data fusion approach is best suited to the needs of its customers, and in addition, RSMB will deliver an independent assessment of the two prototypes by next June.

The body is moving onto rolling contracts for the provision of core services that were due to be tendered before the end of this year, and this tender process is now expected to start during the final quarter of 2016. In preparation, BARB is extending its programme of testing meters including peoplemeters, TV set meters and software meters for desktop, laptop and mobile computer devices from a number of research agencies.

Lynne Robinson (pictured), Research Director of the IPA and BARB Board member, commented: 'Hybrid measurement is undoubtedly the way forward for BARB. However, the integration of new data sources has to be transparent, while there is the added complexity of making it work for a currency that delivers comprehensive data every day. These decisions will ensure that we evolve within a rapidly changing environment while delivering a stable audience measurement currency'.

Web site: www.barb.co.uk .


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