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Published January 15 2016




MediaMath Opens Proprietary Data Business

Data-based digital marketing agency MediaMath has launched a proprietary data business called Helix, which will commercialize its partners' and clients' data sets to build predictive audience segments for use in programmatic advertising. Jacob Ross will lead the business.

Jacob RossFounded in 2007, MediaMath offers the TerminalOne platform, which brings together digital media and data to simplify the planning, execution, optimization and analysis of both direct response and branding campaigns. The new Helix business unit integrates with TerminalOne and will tap into real-time, transactional, anonymized data from US retailers, as well as from hundreds of other members. The firm will also work with sister agency Adroit Shopper Co-op, to enrich the latter's online shopper data assets.

In addition, Helix users will be able to access proprietary insights to gain a more 'holistic' view of their target audiences, understand performance and benchmark against the market as a whole. Ross (pictured), President of Helix, comments: 'Even after shifting significant budget, and making investments in and around programmatic strategies, advertisers still struggle with the limited scale of their own customer data and unreliability of third-party data. Helix is MediaMath's answer to this problem: pooling high quality data that truly helps drive business outcomes'.

Web site: www.mediamath.com .


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