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Published September 30 2016




Market Research Society Launches Mentoring Scheme

In the UK, the Marketing Research Society (MRS) has launched a mentoring scheme, with the aim of equipping its members with a combination of skills for 'today's market'.

New from the MRSAccording to a recent sector review conducted by PWC, competencies for researchers must now include business acumen, and greater levels of data analysis, along with storytelling and innovation skills. In addition, the MRS says that the rapid expansion of data analytics and simultaneous growth in qual research requires practitioners to 'straddle' both left and right brain activities - ie, interrogate big data as well as create a compelling narrative.

The MRS says its Mentoring Scheme provides a framework to help researchers develop a broader set of competencies and interpersonal skills. The society says the scheme will allow execs to 'review their approaches, optimise their thinking and integrate analytical and creative approaches'. The scheme has already attracted more than 100 senior professionals to become mentors, and the MRS is inviting potential mentees - holding the advanced professional membership grades of either Certified Member or Fellow - to apply to join.

CEO Jane Frost explains: 'Mentoring provides an important tool in the MRS' suite of CPD, training, qualifications, as well as on and off-line learning. What is also heartening is that mentors learn from the experience as well'.

Web site: www.mrs.org.uk .


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