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Published October 20 2016




MFour Adds App Tracking and Device Targeting Features

US firm MFour Mobile has added features to its DIY mobile survey technology, to enable users to reach their respondents based on the apps they use, the make and model of their smartphones, and other characteristics.

New features from MFourThe company uses GPS technology to collect information at what it calls the 'point of emotion'; and has developed the Surveys On The Go app, providing access to an all-mobile panel. The MFourDIY tool taps into the firm's panel of more than one million respondents and allows users to design, program and launch their own surveys. Consumers are contacted in real-time by push notification, and users can target specific demographics, set qualification questions and exact quotas to find hard-to-reach groups, while also reaching consumers in-store as they shop, using GPS technology.

MFour has now added an app tracking function, to target respondents who have Android phones by the apps they use. For instance, researchers working on behalf of a hotel chain could survey customers who have downloaded the chain's app, or those of its rivals. Also new is mobile device targeting, which helps identify and survey respondents by the make and model of their smartphones.

Web site: www.mfour.com .


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