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Published March 1 2017




OnePoint Offers Open Source Access to Mobile Platform

UK firm OnePoint Global is making the source code for its mobile survey platform available on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis, allowing clients to build their own survey solutions, integrate survey modules into their existing platforms, or take a 'white label' approach.

Doug MorrisOnePoint, which also has locations in the USA, The Netherlands, France, Germany and Egypt, offers technology to conduct surveys 'on any handset, in any country and in any language'. The firm is now offering open source access to its suite of mobile survey technologies, which it says are fully mobile optimised, responsive and accessible. For example, MR agencies and sample providers will now be able to use the platform to build their own white-label apps; while customer experience specialists and those running customer feedback programmes will be able to incorporate the mobile survey engine into brand owner apps.

Doug Morris (pictured), Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, says the firm is 'enabling market research and customer experience specialists to adopt best-in-class technology to build their own proprietary mobile survey solutions, without the massive associated development cost or time'.

Web site: www.onepointglobal.com .


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