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Published June 13 2017




BDRC Launches Frequent Air Traveller Study

Consumer insight consultancy BDRC has launched the 'Media Global Passenger Study' (Media GPS), which will use a sample of more than 16,000 international air passengers to understand media usage among nearly ten million weekly travellers.

BDRC Launches Frequent Air Traveller StudyMade possible with the support of founding clients BBC Worldwide, Bloomberg and CNN, Media GPS also captures traveller behaviour such as cabin class, purpose of trip, travel motivations, hotel brands usage/preference and many other travel related consumer attributes. The study uses a point-of-purchase intercept, enabling accurate collection of trip origination and destination, airline and class of travel. In addition, resulting data reveals which of 45 international media brands and more than 120 sub-brands these consumers engage with, across locations, channels and devices.

Media GPS is coordinated across the group's offices in London, Singapore and Washington, and James Myring, the Director leading the new study, says that the data provides concrete evidence that these 'global citizens' often have more in common with each other than with the broader population in their own countries. Matthew Petrie, President of BDRC Americas, adds: 'Media GPS is the only study that connects respondents' media consumption with the details of the flight booking, allowing a unique depth of analysis by route, airline and class of travel. This makes it an ideal tool for advertisers looking to position their brands and target this highly sought-after group of travellers'.

Web site: www.bdrc.co.uk .


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