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Published July 17 2017




New Toolkit for Smarter Monkey

DIY research giant SurveyMonkey has unveiled a rebrand and a major upgrade of its products, including a refreshed logo; a new platform, 'People Powered Data'; tools for customer experience data and employee surveys; an integrated version of its Audience product; and a 'Genius' survey design coach.

A well-groomed and more sophisticated monkey?The new platform promises users an understanding of 'why things are happening - quickly and confidently'.

SurveyMonkey CX works with Net Promoter Score (NPS) and incorporates rich visualizations and analysis tools, helping users share insights across the organisation and teams to turn them into action. SurveyMonkey Engage takes prebuilt survey modules, a predefined survey approach and analytics tools to align quantitative data with employee response - encouraging open and anonymous feedback to help create organizational change. SurveyMonkey Audience has been redesigned and built directly into the main SurveyMonkey package, and is now accessible to customers in more than 60 markets and fuelled by panels in over 100 countries.

The company has also announced SurveyMonkey Apply, a rebranded next generation version of its centralised information sharing and candidate review system FluidReview; and SurveyMonkey Genius, which uses the company's experience to act as a coach, giving tips to users on how to gather higher quality data, make their surveys faster and easier to complete, and avoid common mistakes.

Integrations with Facebook Messenger and Slack are also part of the upgrade, as is a new, mobile first design which SurveyMonkey says provides 'up to 20% higher completion rates'.

All the elements are available now except for SurveyMonkey Engage, which follows later this year.

CEO Zander Lurie says the new platform 'unlocks the 'why' so companies can be responsive and take action'. He adds: 'The companies that are curious about what their customers, employees, and the market are saying are the ones that will evolve and thrive. SurveyMonkey gives businesses a competitive edge by powering conversations at scale with precisely the people who matter most'.

Founded in 1999 and based in San Mateo, California, SurveyMonkey has more than 650+ employees throughout North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Web site: www.surveymonkey.com .


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