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Published August 22 2017




SessionM Enhances Audience Targeting Module

In the US, engagement and marketing platform SessionM has enhanced its Audience Module, to help marketers understand customer behaviour and target specific segments.

Mark HerrmannThe company, which last year raised $35m in growth funding, gathers customer behavior data across all channels, appends the data to each individual's profile, and triggers personalized responses in real time. The upgraded Audience Module allows users to go beyond defining and creating customer segments using generic demographics, using 'more sophisticated' data to target specific items purchased and customer spend thresholds. The update also allows marketers to calculate how recently each customer made their last purchase, frequency of purchases during a specific time period, and monetary spend. The firm's product recommendation engine then allows them to deliver the 'next-best' offer based on individuals' preferences and past purchasing behaviour.

Mark Herrmann (pictured), co-founder and Chief Product Officer, comments: 'Knowing how often customers interact with your brand, where they encounter your brand, and how much they spend across all channels allows marketers to drive intelligent interactions based on data, not conjecture. The enhanced SessionM Audiences Module enables brands to segment their audiences across a huge spectrum of consumer attributes, allowing for smarter engagements and driving greater customer loyalty'.

Web site: www.sessionm.com .


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