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Published September 14 2017




New Simmons Study to Probe Shift in Media Consumption

In New York, consumer insights firm Simmons Research has launched the Enhanced Media Measurement Study, which will provide marketers with insights into shifts in media consumption and consumer behavior across the US.

Jacqueline AndersonFounded in 1952 by Willard Simmons as Simmons Market Research Bureau, and now owned by Symphony Technology, the firm measures consumer preferences, attitudes and media behavior by overlaying survey and passive data. Its new quarterly study has been launched to analyse the shift from consumers using traditional linear TV programming to streaming their favorite shows across devices. Simmons says the results will enable marketers to analyze evolving trends in media consumption, such as binge watching, cord cutting, fake news and more.

Chief Client Officer Jacqueline Anderson (pictured) comments: 'Understanding the psychographics and attitudes influencing substantial shifts in media consumption is critical for effective content creation, distribution and consumer engagement strategies. This new study was designed in partnership with clients to provide reliable, representative data on trends that will continue to dictate how they engage with consumers'.

Web site: www.simmonsresearch.com .


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