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Published December 8 2017




Digimind Launches 'Social Wall' Data Viz Tool

Social media listening software provider Digimind has launched a data visualization tool called Social Wall, to help track campaign performance, product feedback, industry trends and competitor performance in real time.

Paul VivantFrom offices in New York, Paris, Singapore, Grenoble and Rabat, Digimind provides a platform through which to automate repetitive intelligence activities - from data collection to information management, analysis and sharing - as well as a measurement tool which analyzes numerous social media accounts in a single interface. A data analysis module helps users visualise trends and correlate information in real-time charts and graphs.

The new Social Wall has been designed to communicate metrics and insights through real-time visualizations, to multiple stakeholders across the business. Relevant departments can track campaign performance, product feedback, industry trends, and competitor performance, with more than 500 filter combinations.

CEO Paul Vivant (picture) comments: 'Too often, marketing departments find relevant insights from the data they collect, but are unable to keep the right stakeholders updated on how this data impacts the business. Social Wall enables anyone to easily take the powerful data collection and analysis of Digimind Social and display it to their entire company in seconds, moving at the pace businesses require to stay ahead of their competition and in touch with their customers' needs'.

Web site: www.digimind.com .


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