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Published January 9 2018




Samba TV Debuts Programmatic Targeting Platform

In the US, television insights provider Samba TV has launched a self-serve platform through which advertisers can discover and activate audiences programmatically.

Ashwin NavinThe company uses data from social media, connected devices and set-top boxes to help clients measure television viewing and understand its impact on consumer and purchasing behavior. Its cross-platform analytics are drawn from its technology embedded in millions of smart TVs, and it uses 'a nationwide, census like panel that is fully representative of the US population' to measure TV and digital ad exposure for each household. Last year, the firm raised $30m in a Series B round of funding, earmarked for international expansion and the launch of several products.

According to Samba TV, the new platform significantly enhances its ability to target TV ads, enabling marketers to plan and execute cross-screen campaigns built on a 'precise understanding' of linear TV audiences. Platform users can access 'Audience Discovery', Samba's proprietary planning analysis solution, to identify those TV shows and networks that most appeal to the type of audience they are trying to reach; and marketers can use the analysis to develop plans built on television audience segmentation. A feature called Audience Manager allows marketers to activate the results of Audience Discovery with instant segment generation and syndication to any Demand Side Platform (DSP) for programmatic activation.

Ashwin Navin (pictured), CEO and co-founder, comments: 'Without using precise TV data to complete the picture of today's modern viewer, marketers are facing a 'viewer insights gap.' More than 400 of the world's largest advertisers have turned to Samba's leading Sync + Retarget solution to connect with these 'unreachables' and now, with the launch of the Samba TV Audience Platform, we have made TV audiences even more accessible to marketers than ever before'.

Web site: www.samba.tv .


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