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Published February 20 2018




Simmons Rolls Out Rapid Insight Search Platform

In New York, consumer insights firm Simmons Research has launched a syndicated platform called Simmons Insights, allowing marketers to mine hundreds of thousands of pieces of captured consumer behavior data in seconds. The firm has also introduced its own chatbot app.

Andrew FeigensonFounded in 1952 by Willard Simmons, and now owned by Symphony Technology, the firm measures consumer preferences, attitudes and media behavior, overlaying survey and passive data. Its new Insights platform, powered by proprietary search engine Simmons Smart Search, promises clients faster access to actionable consumer insights. In addition, the company has launched a chatbot app called Ask Simmons, offering clients 'data nuggets' and other metrics. Initially, the chatbot will be available for select beta clients as either an iOS or desktop app.

CEO Andrew Feigenson (pictured) explains: 'Our clients run thousands of advanced analyses using Simmons data per month. Smart Search reduced the amount of time taken to find and build complex audience segments by fifty percent. This is just the first in a set of enhancements that we'll be releasing throughout the year, designed to increase efficiencies and drive ROI for our clients'.

Web site: www.simmonsresearch.com .


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