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Published April 24 2018




Cribbett and Gervais Launch Diversity Research Agency

Stephen Cribbett, the founder of online qual and community insights firm Further, and diversity research expert Marie-Claude Gervais have launched a business called Versiti, to help companies, charities and organisations be more inclusive in the way they serve diverse groups in society.

Stephen Cribbett and Marie-Claude GervaisPrior to setting up Further (formerly known as Dub) in 2007, Cribbett was Digital Strategy Consultant for digital design and technical development business tictoc, Managing Partner at branding consultancy Landini Associates and Head of Marketing for Conran Design Group. Gervais has been a Research Director at Further for the past year, having previously been a Director at online research community specialist FORUM Research, Director at Quandrangle Group, and founder of Ethnos Research & Consultancy, which specialised in research with people from ethnic minority backgrounds. She was also a Lecturer in Social Psychology at LSE.

Their new firm builds on twenty years' experience of working with minority ethnic and faith communities, LGBTQ people, young and older people, and disabled people. Tools and techniques include individual interviews, focus groups, online research communities, mobile ethnography, audits and document reviews, and participant observations. Projects range from communication strategy development, user research and shopper research, to behaviour change programmes, diversity and inclusion roadmap development, cultural insight and social research.

In a statement, Cribbett said: 'Versiti is, we believe, the UK's first insight and strategy consultancy of its kind focussed solely on helping brands, charities and organisations be more inclusive. We embrace the complex and bring research into the modern world by engaging seldom-heard people from diverse and minority groups to improve communications, springboard new brands, products and services, leverage greater talent and deliver growth'.

Web site: www.versiti.co .


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