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Published November 13 2018




Formal Launch and Funding Round for Signoi

In London, a team of execs including Truth Consulting founder Andy Dexter has launched Signoi, a platform which promises to decode unstructured data and derive both its implicit and explicit meaning. Additionally, the firm is about to open its first funding round.

Andy Dexter,Andrew Jeavons,Tim Spencer and Louise BeaumontDexter has set up Signoi with long-time software and data science industry exec Andrew Jeavons, and the team also includes; semiotician and cultural strategist Tim Spencer as Semiotics Director; and 'tech disruptor' Louise Beaumont as Chair; with support from Stephen Cribett, the founder of online MR and technology company Further. The Signoi project began in 2017, with a vision to develop software beyond search-based text and sentiment analysis, towards ways of measuring meaning, and then applying this in an insightful and automated way to any unstructured information.

The platform runs a series of proprietary analytical modules and algorithms - with foundations in semiotics, psychology and ethnography - to measure the strength of content within data, such as text and imagery. Early next year, the firm says it will launch a subscription service called Cultural Weather, to provide ongoing automated analysis of the cultural shifts that affect the world of brands and consumers.

Commenting on the launch, Dexter said: 'The guiding principle behind Signoi is to reveal implicit meanings, cultural energies, attitudes and feelings rather than finding things you need to tell it to look for. It uncovers natural structures and narratives within unstructured data, whether text or imagery or a combination of both. Our vision is towards revelation rather than search'.

Web site: www.signoi.com .


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