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Published November 14 2018




Simmons Launches DIY Insights Tool

In New York, cross-channel consumer intelligence provider Simmons Research has launched a do-it-yourself proprietary insights generator called Instant Edge.

Andrew FeigensonFounded in 1952 by Willard Simmons, and now owned by Symphony Technology, the firm measures consumer preferences, attitudes and media behavior, overlaying survey and passive data. Earlier this year it launched a syndicated platform called Simmons Insights, with which marketers can rapidly mine hundreds of thousands of pieces of captured consumer behavior data.

Built on the Simmons Insights platform, Instant Edge is powered by a DIY survey to probe emerging trends and current consumer sentiments. These results are instantly fused with Simmons' National Consumer Study, featuring more than two hundred thousand consumer attributes, creating nationally representative target audiences. Accessible within the company's Brand Catalyst solution, these cab used by marketers to create in-depth consumer profiles. According to the company's Chief Data Scientist Steven Millman, a segmentation process which would have previously taken weeks, can now be completed in 90 minutes through Instant Edge.

CEO Andrew Feigenson (pictured) comments: 'Our clients strive to create rapid advantage over competitors through proprietary consumer insights and a fast understanding of relevant trends. With Instant Edge they can do this on demand. The new tool represents the continuation of Simmons' reinvention as a rapid insights company'.

Web site: www.simmonsresearch.com .


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