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Published December 18 2018




Jivox Launches Customer Journey Tools

US-based multi-screen ad technology provider Jivox has launched a new solution offering a 360-degree view of individual customers' journeys across media including e-mail, web sites and paid media, including 'all' ad formats.

Diaz NesamoneyJivox provides advertisers with an online, self-service tool to create multi-screen ads using stock footage, images, music or their existing media assets; and a real-time analytics platform for campaign performance tracking. The firm's new Customer Journey Optimization analytics tool uses artificial intelligence to help marketers understand which customer paths are driving engagement and conversations and then optimize the best performing paths in real time. By analyzing terabytes of omnichannel data, the tool creates visualizations that highlight a brand's most effective customer journey paths. Another new tool, Channel Connector, has been developed to help marketers automate personalized content delivery using CRM, third-party and contextual data, and to personalise web site content and landing pages.

Founder and CEO Diaz Nesamoney (pictured) comments: 'We're excited to offer brand marketers an industry-first solution, enabling a 360-degree view of individual customers' optimized journeys across owned media. This helps brands win with precision marketing, by creating a highly relevant and deeply personalized customer experience at every touchpoint'.

Web site: www.jivox.com .


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