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Published May 8 2019




MRI-Simmons Debuts 'Sales Catalyst' Audience Analyzer

In New York, consumer insights specialist MRI-Simmons has launched an audience analysis tool called Sales Catalyst, to provide researchers with data visualizations through which to quantify the value of their audience.

Anna WelchFormed earlier this year as a joint venture between consumer insights specialists GfK MRI and Simmons Research, MRI-Simmons combines the assets and expertise of both companies including MRI's Survey of the American Consumer and Simmons measurement of American consumer psychographics, preferences, attitudes, and media behavior, gained by overlaying survey and passively measured data using advanced measurement sciences.

The new Sales Catalyst has been built on the Simmons Insight platform to help ad sales, partnership and sponsorship teams illustrate the overlap between their audience and that of a potential partner. Using this new solution, researchers can gain insights into the mindset of a target persona, specific media consumers, and the overlap between the two; while assessing which media properties, segments, and content resonate with the target audience. They can benchmark their audience against that of the competition to inform pitch strategy and creative recommendations.

Anna Welch (pictured), President of MRI-Simmons, comments: 'Researchers and marketers today spend an exorbitant amount of time aggregating data and curating it into stories that highlight their unique offerings and show the value of partnerships. Now, with Sales Catalyst, they can more quickly and efficiently extract a compelling story about their audience, and illustrate that story for ad-sales teams to identify and pitch new partners.'

Web sites: www.mri.gfk.com and www.simmonsresearch.com .


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