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Published June 10 2019




LatentView Launches Conversational Analytics Platform

US-based enterprise data and digital transformation specialist LatentView Analytics has launched a new AI-based conversational analytics platform called Casper, giving employees across a client firm easy access to customized reports and insights in visual, text or voice form.

LatentView Launches Conversational Analytics PlatformLatentView's solutions give a 360-degree view of the digital consumer, supporting machine learning and AI initiatives for purposes including revenue and product success forecasting, improved customer retention and marketing / investment optimisation. The firm has more than 600 employees in offices in Princeton, NJ; San Jose, CA; London; Singapore; and Chennai, India.

The new platform brings in siloed data from disparate sources and helps non-technical employees to make fast decisions. In addition to a new conversational interface, it can suggest follow up questions to data queries based on previous interactions and current context, with machine learning continually improving the relevance of questions.

Key features and functionalities include the use of natural language processing and deep learning technologies; flexible input including unstructured and structured data from any source, and output in visual, text or voice form; simple and instantaneous sharing of analyses across teams via emails in real-time; and efficient set-up and training across web, mobile (browser) or voice interface such as Alexa or Siri.

Chief Product Officer Sekhar Krishnamoorthy comments: 'Productizing more of our services is a part of our roadmap as this ensures consistency of quality, offers meaningful benchmarks and drives reapplication of best practices across our client base. Casper is another major product launch and a milestone in this journey', adding: 'Casper brings us closer to the vision of 'analytics for all' and makes insights available to everybody with a user-friendly voice interface'.

Web site: www.latentview.com .


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