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Published June 25 2019




TD Reply Launches 'China Beats' BI Solution

Marketing and innovation consulting specialist TD Reply has developed a business intelligence solution called China Beats, promising companies an in-depth understanding of the Chinese market and its players.

Lars Alexander-MayerThis new solution is driven by an advanced analytics engine supported by AI, through which all major Chinese eCommerce, social media and search platforms - including Alibaba, Baidu, WeChat and Weibo - are connected as data sources. Millions of social media posts, forum entries and reviews are evaluated; along with contextual data from legislative texts, patent databases, news platforms and job portals. Reduction and analysis of the data is carried out by advanced scraping algorithms and machine learning, combined with natural language processing.

Partner Lars Alexander-Mayer (pictured) comments: 'China Beats will be the first SaaS-Solution that can answer questions like: In which markets in China can I be particularly successful with my products? Who are the players? And above all: How does the Chinese consumer tick, whom I want to convince. Users gain unique market insights - which lay the foundation for long-term success in China'.

Web site: www.tdreply.com .


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