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Published November 7 2019




SurveyHealthcare Changes Name After Acquisition

US-based data collection and custom survey solutions provider SurveyHealthcare has changed its name to SurveyHealthcareGlobus (SHG), following an acquisition and underlining its continuing global reach.

SurveyHealthcare Changes Name After AcquisitionOriginally known as SHC Universal, the firm provides access to physicians and allied healthcare professionals, payers, and healthcare decision makers and opinion leaders around the world. Services include project management, sample access and custom survey solutions.

The name change follows the recent acquisition of OMR Globus, which has locations in Canada and Europe, and provides a full suite of data collection services across the healthcare space to MR agencies, independent consultants and other data collection firms; as well as panels across nearly a dozen countries. The deal added more than half a million healthcare professionals across Europe and Latin America, as well as the OMR Globus team.

Explaining the philosophy behind the name change, SurveyHealthcareGlobus CEO Jerry Arbittier comments: 'First and foremost, you will notice that we dropped our distinguished starburst from our corporate emblem to focus solely on our name - a name that we are confident can stand on its own. We opted for a clean and modern logotype to reflect our transformational growth and convey a clear and concise message without any ambiguity or clich%eacute; - Global'.

Web site: www.surveyhealthcareglobus.com .


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