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Published November 12 2019




Belgian Researchers Launch 'One Inch Whale'

In Belgium, former Haystack execs Wim Hamaekers and Jasper Scheir have launched an insights consultancy called One Inch Whale, which promises to help people and brands to be 'relevant and sustainable'.

Wim Hamaekers and Jasper ScheirHamaekers previously spent nine years at multisensory researcher Haystack, where he latterly served as Managing Partner - Head of Business Development; while Scheir worked there for more than six years, most recently as Head of Product Excellence & Innovation - Managing Partner. Their new firm, based in the Flemish city of Hasselt, will partner with a network of senior professionals, to help those companies worldwide that want to revisit their brand, innovation and go-to-market shopper strategies.

Scheir says the founders want to provide strategic advice on how to be relevant at any time of the customer journey; and will do this by working with existing data and knowledge, applying the principles of behavioural economics, and using additional research. Hamaekers adds: 'We felt that the momentum was there to swim against the tide, and to start up a contemporary, new and agile company. With One Inch Whale, we are confident that we can really make a difference by tapping into all available knowledge, research and digital solutions. This way we can help companies to reconnect with their mission, and to be relevant and sustainable'.

Web site: www.oneinchwhale.com .


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