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Published January 29 2020




MRI-Simmons and FourthWall in Profile Targeting Deal

In the US, consumer insights specialist MRI-Simmons has partnered with TV set-top data analyst FourthWall Media, to provide marketers with enhanced audience profiles for use in their linear and addressable TV campaigns.

Ellen DudarFourthWall's Reveal analytics platform and its household matching tool Reveal Connect will now be used to create MRI-Simmons audience segments for targeted TV planning, optimization and attribution. Clients will be able to share the targeted MRI-Simmons audiences between Reveal and digital platforms for cross-platform attribution, retargeting and measurement.

FourthWall Media CPO Ellen Dudar (pictured) says of the deal: 'By partnering with MRI-Simmons, we can offer brands the opportunity to plan, optimize and analyze TV campaigns using the same trusted audiences they use across their other marketing channels. This unified view provides a more complete understanding of the effectiveness of a campaign's components, leading to increased performance and marketing ROI'.

Web sites: www.mri-simmons.com and www.fourthwallmedia.tv .


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