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Published April 8 2020




ThinkNow Launches 2020 Election Report

In the US, tech-driven cultural insights agency and Hispanic sample provider ThinkNow has launched a report which measures attitudes and preferences relating to the presidential election, as well as attitudes about the current administration and its policies.

ThinkNow Launches 2020 Election ReportThinkNow works for companies and government agencies, finding the cultural drivers that influence consumer decisions, and it also runs the Hispanic online panel DigaYGane.com, which is used for its own research as well as offered as sample for third parties. In February, the company relaunched its proprietary audience planning and segmentation tool ConneKt, promising 'multicultural research and technology on-demand' for marketers.

For the new 'ThinkNow 2020 Election' report, the company conducted a nationwide online survey among 1500 Americans aged 18 to 64. Topline results showed that ethnic groups (Hispanics, African Americans, Asians) are more likely to say they will vote for the Democratic presidential nominee this election period than in 2016; compared with about one-third of likely voters who say they will vote for Donald Trump - representing a 9-point decrease from 2016.

While 43% of likely voters approve of the job Trump is doing as President, his approval rating among likely Hispanic voters is 30%. According to ThinkNow, the top reason why some Hispanics, African Americans and Asians are not planning to vote in November is that they are not eligible to vote, whereas for Non-Hispanic Whites, it's more about a lack of interest in politics and not liking the candidates.

Web site: www.thinknowresearch.com .


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