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Published June 2 2020




Ipsos Debuts Creative|Spark Video Assessment Tool

Ipsos has launched an online solution called CreativeSpark, through which clients can evaluate video creative in the US and UK, in as little as 24 hours. The tool will be rolled out in sixteen additional markets throughout the year.

Shaun DixTapping a combination of behavioural science, neuroscience, text analytics and machine learning, Creative|Spark captures attention metrics in a 'distracted' environment and observes the reality of how people make choices. Available on the Ipsos.Digital self-service research platform, and drawing from multiple science disciplines to measure a range of thoughts, feelings and immediate emotions, Creative|Spark aims to provide data on areas such as sales predictive performance indicators.

Shaun Dix, Ipsos' Global Leader of Creative Excellence, comments: 'Creative|Spark offers clients a quick, agile and flexible way to measure the power of their creative. Suitably adapted to today's exceptional times, Creative|Spark will be instrumental in sparking clients' short and long-term brand effects'.

Web site: www.ipsos.com .


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