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Published February 23 2021




Nielsen Launches 'Return on Sponsorship' Metrics

Nielsen has launched new scoring metrics allowing brands to compare the impact of their sports sponsorship activities to other marketing and advertising initiatives.

Jon StainerUsing Nielsen's sponsor logo tracking, media valuation and marketing mix modeling capabilities, the new Return on Sponsorship Investment (ROSI) solution promises clients a 'holistic view' of the effectiveness of each of their sponsorship investments based on sales revenues and brand health over time. For sports rights holders on the sell-side seeking to monetize owned assets, the solution delivers intelligence to unlock new revenue opportunities with key targets, and to drive contract renewals with existing partners.

ROSI is built on four measurement and benchmarking datasets from Nielsen: sponsorship logo exposure, sales impact, fan impact, and brand/sponsorship impact. According to the company, these enable brands to gain new insights into total return and return against individual sponsorship investments; relative return compared to other media investment by channel; percentage of sales driven by sponsorship; and impact over the short and long-term.

Nielsen Sports MD Americas Jon Stainer (pictured) comments: 'To succeed in today's fast-changing market, a holistic view of marketing activities and the ability to compare activities and channels over time are more critical than ever. Nielsen's ROSI capabilities provide analytics-driven CMOs and bottom line-focused CFOs with all new metrics and benchmarks to enable the best use of their budgets and most effective sponsorship activations possible'.

Web site: www.nielsen.com .


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