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Published February 26 2021




Comscore Expands Predictive Audiences in Europe

Comscore has rolled out its cookie-free targeting capability 'Predictive Audiences' to France, Spain and Italy - it already operates in the UK and Germany. The firm has also partnered with audience technology platform Eyeota to offer access to cookie-less B2B audiences.

Rachel GantzLaunched earlier this year, Predictive Audiences provides access to consumers based on their behaviour across digital, mobile and connected TV (CTV) campaigns. Eyeota's partnership gives advertisers an additional layer of B2B data to reach their audiences, and Comscore says it makes Predictive Audiences the first solution to bring its B2B audiences to market in a cookie-free manner.

Comscore General Manager Activation Solutions Rachel Gantz (pictured) comments: 'We are excited to be bringing yet another innovation to the European markets. This latest addition to our Activation suite, now including B2B data, is bringing to European advertisers advanced capabilities to support their clients with accurate audience targeting in a contextually driven and GDPR-friendly manner'.

Web sites: www.comscore.com and www.eyeota.com .


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