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Published March 8 2021




StreamPulse Partners for In-Home Neuro Measure

StreamPulse, the in-home division of Texas-based neuromarketing researcher MediaScience has teamed up with neurometric equipment manufacturer Shimmer to develop StreamPulse Neuro, a system for measuring consumers' emotional response in a natural viewing environment.

Duane VaranShimmer develops wearable technologies services and manufactures sensors from its base in Dublin, Ireland, and is focused on three business areas: neuromarketing, clinical research and academic research.

The firms say the system allows for the embedding of programming and advertising into television and digital platforms across MediaScience's panel of 80,000+ individual households. This 'turns living rooms across America into living laboratories' suitable for studying behaviour from product usage, cooking and laundry to entertainment consumption. Panelists are provided with kit including an at-home version of Shimmer's flagship NeuroLynQ sensor, to capture heart rate and GSR (Galvanic Skin Response).

The new system was used to conduct a 'virtual Super Bowl viewing party', with fans' attention and emotional responses to the game and ads measured, followed up by a survey and focus groups using the company's HARK Connect online qual platform. As a result, researchers can compare how viewers actually react, how they think they reacted, and what they said in their own words about the experience.

MediaScience founder and CEO Dr. Duane Varan (pictured) comments: 'this '3-step punch' is ideal for understanding how programing or ads are viewed, how a product is used or consumed or a service is provided, while measuring in-the-moment emotional response, followed by standard survey ratings and/or in depth one-on-ones or focus groups'. Elissa Moses, head of the HARK Connect QualTech division, says the research industry has 'never before' been offered 'such sophisticated measurement and holistic understanding of consumer behavior in the natural usage of the in-home setting'.

MediaScience's offer includes neurometrics, facial expression analysis, eye-tracking and EEG, and the firm has labs in New York, Chicago and Austin. Web sites: www.mediasciencelabs.com , www.harkconnect.com , www.shimmersensing.com and www.neurolynq.com .


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