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Published May 4 2021




PureSpectrum Buys Upwave's Instant Insights

Online sample marketplace PureSpectrum has acquired Upwave's consumer research business Instant Insights, for an undisclosed sum; and has rebranded it as the PureSpectrum Insights platform.

Michael McCraryDIY research and ad measurement company Upwave (formerly known as Survata) created Instant Insights to provide daily updated results showing clients how their research is trending in real time; provide different visualizations of client data that are exportable for inclusion in presentations and reports; and analyse the data with features including crosstabs, data cuts and significance tests. Upwave says it will now expand investment in its brand analytics platform, led by its flagship Brand Campaign Measurement product.

PureSpectrum says the deal will expand its own suite of solutions, and that it plans to 'invest heavily' in the platform. CEO and founder Michael McCrary (pictured) explains: 'We strongly believe that this acquisition will help insights professionals make decisions more efficiently, and faster than ever before. The Upwave Instant Insights business is a great addition to PureSpectrum'.

Web sites: www.purespectrum.com and www.upwave.com .


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