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Published May 28 2021




Upwave Launches 'Customer Lift' CTV Campaign Measure

Upwave (formerly known as Survata) has launched a tool called 'Customer Lift', designed to enable marketers to measure campaign impact at every stage across Connected TV (CTV), as well as brand campaigns on other channels.

Chris KellyUpwave was launched in San Francisco eight years ago as a DIY online consumer survey specialist, and has morphed gradually into a provider of marketing measurement technology, tracking and analysing billions of CTV, digital and linear ad impressions every month and combining them with tens of billions of data points fed into it through partner companies. Last year, it launched an enhanced suite of CTV measurement capabilities, including new Targeting Verification technology and an expansion of its Digital Network.

The new Customer Lift solution has been developed to enable marketers to assess the full revenue impact of campaigns, whose customer outcomes can occur both during and up to twelve months after campaigns. The firm says users can attribute both mid-and post-campaign customer acquisition to brand campaigns in real time.

CEO Chris Kelly (pictured) comments: 'One of the biggest asks from brand marketers, particularly for CTV, is for comprehensive metrics and data that fully value the entirety of their campaigns. With Customer Lift's' holistic measurement of customer outcome, for the first time, marketers are able to fully appreciate the value of their branding investment. We're taking the best of both bottom-up and top-down measurement methods to accurately assess full impact so brand marketers can adjust and optimize their budgets accordingly'.

Web site: www.upwave.com .


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