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Published June 29 2021




Latin American Audiences Deal for Comscore

Comscore has partnered with LatAm intelligence platform Retargetly to deliver what it says is the first cookieless targeting solution specifically tailored for the region.

Comscore logoThe agreement covers the key regional economies of Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. Comscore's AI-based Predictive Audiences solution analyses 'which contexts are most akin to Retargetly audiences' so that the latter can be reached without the need for cookies or other user-tracking IDs. The solution is part of Comscore's Activation suite, which helps advertisers reach audiences across desktop, mobile and Connected TV based on age and gender demographics, TV viewership, OTT consumption, and consumer behavior such as automotive purchase data, location data, B2B, and non-FCRA financial data.

'With the demise of third-party cookies fast approaching, advertisers and agencies need new solutions to ensure their campaigns continue to reach the right audiences' comments Santi Darmandrail, Chief Revenue & Product Officer at Retargetly, whose data platform is used by more than 300 brands across the region. Darmandrail says the partnership will 'change the way we think about contextual audiences in Latin America'. Leonidas Rojas, LATAM South Cone Director at Comscore, adds: 'Being able to deliver cookie-free privacy-forward audiences to the LATAM markets is critical. We are thrilled to partner with Retargetly, the leader in Latin America audience targeting solutions, to bring this innovation to advertisers'.

Retargetly, which has teams in Miami, Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Mexico City, is online at www.retargetly.com , while its new partner is at www.comscore.com .


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