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Published September 21 2021




Reid Campbell Name Dropped in Rebrand

Canada-based holding company Reid Campbell Group (RCG), parent firm of Rival Technologies and Reach3 Insights, has rebranded as the Rival Group Inc.

The three leaders of what is now the Rival Group Inc.The group was founded three years ago by former Millward Brown Global CEO Eileen Campbell, Vision Critical founder and CEO Andrew Reid and his sister Jennifer Reid, as a next-gen consumer insights engine. Reid will serve as the Rival Group CEO and CEO of Rival Technologies, which offers voice, video, and chat research solutions optimized for the 'Mobile First' generation; while former Ipsos and Vision Critical executive Matt Kleinschmit continues to lead Reach3 Insights, a consultancy using Rival's proprietary technology and its own methods to deliver rapid insights at scale. Campbell will continue as Board Chair of the Rival Group.

The firm says the rebranding 'reflects the increased collaboration' between the two companies and 'their shared belief in the power of customer conversations'. The two launched a solution using mobile messaging and conversational research design principles to uncover insights from gamers, in May; and a year ago debuted a mobile message-based platform allowing brands to access 'focus groups on demand' at scale.

Campbell says of the change: 'We are driven by the belief that our industry will be fundamentally improved by adopting the communications tools that modern consumers actually use. The heart of this rebrand is to ensure that our focus remains on new agile tools and techniques to deliver the insights that global brands require in today's hyper-competitive landscape'.

Web sites: www.rivalgroup.io , www.rivaltech.com and www.reach3insights.com .


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