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Published October 4 2021




E-Tabs Integrates Automated Google Charting

London-based software and solutions firm E-Tabs has added an automated Google charting integration to its report platform, E-Tabs Enterprise.

Benjamin RiettiCEO Benjamin Rietti (pictured) says the launch is a response to an issue arising when research providers have to provide stakeholders and clients with chart decks in Google. Many of these are created manually or converted from PowerPoint and cannot be edited natively in Google. With the new integration, charting and reporting requirements can be automated directly from survey data with the flexibility of fully editable objects.

Through the addition of Google Slides and Google Sheets to E-Tabs Enterprise, all standard formats of deliverable are now automatable. The report platform can accept data from a range of industry-standard sources including Excel, banner tables, online connections, and SPSS SAV files.

Rietti comments: 'Google slides is an increasingly popular requirement, and we are extremely proud to be able to provide automation for these projects in our E-Tabs Enterprise platform with full Google certification for the connection. I am extremely proud of our development team and their sterling efforts to achieve this pole position for the industry. Our clients have remarked how pleased they are too, with the flexibility now to create Microsoft Office and Google Suite projects in a single platform'.

Web site: www.e-tabs.com .


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