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Published October 11 2021




New Funds for eCommerce Analytics Platform Zeenk

In the US, eCommerce analytics platform Zeenk has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Amazon brands aggregator Thrasio, which it will use to officially launch with technology and staff from its legacy brand, Nanigans.

Claude DentonZeenk delivers marketing and sales insights to Amazon third-party sellers, to help them optimize their financial performance and investment across all their advertising and sales channels. The platform has been launched following the acquisition of marketing software vendor Nanigans' social media ad business by customer experience software firm Sprinklr.

Funding comes from Thrasio, which acquires Amazon third-party FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) brands, and evaluates 6,000 eCommerce businesses, and data on consumer preferences from more than 200 brands. The investment will be used to support the development of Zeenk's SaaS platform and Carlos Cashman, CEO of Thrasio, says the launch will help sellers on third-party marketplaces take action on marketing and sales insights.

Claude Denton (pictured), formerly CTO of Nanigans and now CTO of Zeenk, comments: 'Nanigans' powerful reporting and data exploration platform is being adapted to support the Amazon marketplace, including support for Google and Facebook attribution. Zeenk's incremental value and data modeling is built on top of many years of work by Nanigans'.

Web site: www.zeenk.com .


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