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Published November 24 2021




ITV Launches AdLabs Innovation Hub

UK broadcaster ITV has launched an initiative called ITV AdLabs, through which it plans to develop offers including contextual targeting of ads based on factors such as moods and mealtimes.

Kelly WilliamsThe new initiative covers three areas of innovation - digital products, digital partnerships and strategic insight - and brings together the various products that ITV's Commercial team have been trialling and taking to marketing recently. These include dynamic creative advertising, and launching new commercial models with partners such as Twitter.

Commenting on the launch, Commercial MD Kelly Williams (pictured) said: 'We've delivered a number of significant innovations this year, but the launch of AdLabs is partly about changing our body language - being better organised, experimenting alongside our customers and embedding them more upstream in the process. AdLabs will further drive our digital transformation and our digital future - the laboratory is open for business.'

Web site: www.itv.com .


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