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Published November 29 2021




IoT Data Firm Samsara Registers to Go Public

In the US, Internet of Things (IoT) data provider Samsara has filed a registration for an initial public offering (IPO) with the SEC, aiming to raise $100 million for future expansion initiatives.

Sanjit Biswas and John BicketSamsara's software allows companies focused on physical operations to use IoT data to develop business insights and improve their operations. Users can capture data from sensors, cameras and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) integrations, and centralize all their operations data on one unified platform. Real-time data can then be converted into insights, pre-built and custom reports, and benchmarks.

The firm currently operates in North America and Europe, and since launch has raised $900m, including a $700m round last year valuing it at $5.4 billion. The number of shares to be made available through the IPO has not yet been determined.

Founded by Sanjit Biswas and John Bicket (pictured) in 2015, the company is online at www.samsara.com .


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