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Published January 20 2022




Upwave Launches Future Brand Spend Analysis Feature

US-based brand analytics platform Upwave has launched a feature called Customer Forecast, to understand which paid brand media tactics are likely to drive future customer growth and identify long-term media efficiencies.

Ken ArcherBased in San Francisco and New York and previously known as Survata, Upwave was initially launched as a DIY online consumer survey specialist, and has since become a provider of machine learning-driven brand marketing measurement technology and intelligence. The company says the new Customer Forecast is validated by actual sales data, without having to rely on short-term metrics such as multi-touch attribution (MTA) or sales lift.

Using the feature, marketers can see the number of new customers they've acquired or retained who have been exposed to their brand campaign. The solution can also show the actual length of time between an individual's exposure to a brand campaign and to them becoming a customer.

Commenting on the launch, Ken Archer (pictured), SVP Product, says: 'Ultimately, methodologies like MTA undervalue the longer-term revenue impact of TV, and other brand campaigns. Upwave's Customer Forecast metric is really the holy grail of marketing measurement - proving that your brand spend leads to real customers'.

Web site: www.upwave.com .


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