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Published January 21 2022




TapResearch Launches Mobile Game Player Insight Tool

In the US, market intelligence solution provider TapResearch has launched a tool called Player Insights, to provide mobile game developers with access to player feedback in real time.

Aaron PlatshonTapResearch's Audience Network connects tens of millions of people across 28 markets with surveys in the apps they use every day. The firm partners with app publishers to offer rewarded experiences, collecting data in the process.

The new Player Insights solution can be used to understand why players install games, and to carry this insight through into messaging and creativity. The tool can also create instant feedback loops with players, and continually listen to their sentiment to identify 'at risk' players and reduce churn. In addition, it enables validation surveys to help collect feedback from the 'most valuable' players.

CEO Aaron Platshon (pictured) comments: 'While we have long offered Rewarded Survey solutions, Player Insights is an exciting broadening of our product suite that enables publishers to quickly and easily make evidence-based decisions that drive better outcomes for their users and their businesses'.

Web site: www.tapresearch.com .


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