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Published February 16 2022




KnowledgeNet.ai Launches with Series A Funding

In the US, private social networking community iyotee has launched a corporate intelligence platform called KnowledgeNet.ai with a $9.35m Series A round of funding, which it will use to expand the platform's operations and its business reach.

Mehdi TehranchiKnowledgeNet.ai integrates, organizes and finds connections in unstructured and structured corporate data from customer relationship management (CRM) systems, file storage, professional networks, and newsfeeds. The company then applies natural language recognition and AI technology to convert enterprise knowledge into intelligence that executives can use to uncover new opportunities, accelerate decision making, and drive growth.

New funding comes from a syndicate of unnamed investors. Mehdi Tehranchi (pictured), founder and CEO of KnowledgeNet.ai and co-founder and CEO of iyotee, comments: 'Partnering with our investors, KnowledgeNet.ai has successfully combined the best of relationship intelligence, corporate knowledge retention, and secured collaboration to create an innovative tool for the enterprise deal makers and executive decision-makers. The firm's collaboration engine integrates an organization's information ecosystem and improves the flow of corporate knowledge, empowering our customers to harvest their intellectual capital and drive growth.'

Web site: www.knowledgenet.ai .


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