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Published April 20 2022




Analytics Firm Coginiti Raises Funds and Relocates

In the US, collaborative intelligence company Coginiti has raised $4m in funding, to help it develop tools allowing analytics teams to discover, create and share insights. The firm has also relocated its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Atlanta.

Rick HallCoginiti says its integrated analytics management tools enable data engineers, analysts and teams of analysts to access data, build analysis and deliver organizational results. This means that through its platform, everyone in an organization can build, share and reuse analytics. Commenting on the decision to relocate the company, CEO Rick Hall says it was based on the quality of talented workers available in Atlanta, volume of Fortune 500 companies, and lower cost of living.

New funding was led by Circadian Ventures. Hall comments: 'The data analytics market is rapidly adopting collaboration strategies. Coginiti already sits on top of a dozen of the world's leading SQL analytics platforms; we are delivering a collaborative application for teams, enabling analysts to leapfrog significant research and analysis work, while also capitalizing on their colleagues' analytics work and insights.'

Web site: www.coginiti.co .


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