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Published March 20 2023




PureSpectrum Upgrades Respondent Scoring System

Online sample marketplace PureSpectrum has enhanced its PureScore respondent scoring system, with an update to its algorithm that has learned and evolved using the data from more than ten billion sessions since the system's launch three years ago.

Mark MenigFounded in 2016 by former Cint US MD Michael McCrary, PureSpectrum provides a marketplace for buyers and sellers of online sample. PureScore is designed to measure individual survey respondent quality, regardless of source, detecting survey-taking patterns across billions of survey sessions per year. The further a respondent's fraud markers and behavior deviate from the 'ideal', the lower their PureScore, and individuals with low PureScore are blocked from taking PureSpectrum Surveys.

The enhanced platform includes expansion of its vetted respondent behavioral assessment to all respondents, based on a variety of trigger scenarios prior to survey entry, to ensure 'active, attentive, and articulate respondents'. It also now includes artificial intelligence fuzzy logic, to enable the solution to determine and prevent duplicate responses versus conventional Boolean logic approaches. Additionally, PureScore now reduces 'ghost' completes, with link security available for use with any survey platform.

Mark Menig (pictured), Chief Product Officer, comments: 'Advances in the fields of data science, AI and machine learning are unlocking new and innovative opportunities to combat the quality issues our industry faces every day. We see quality as our commitment to every single client and we act swiftly and constantly to ensure our clients succeed'.

Web site: www.purespectrum.com .


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